BigFoot 4×4 Inc.

6311 N Lindbergh
Hazelwood, 63042
(314) 731-2822

Rusty Wallace Karting Center

5555 St. Louis Mills Mall Hazelwood, 63042 (314) 227-5607 This exciting entertainment venue offers everything from fast kart racing to mini-golf to bumper boat fun for people age 8 and over to enjoy! Rusty Wallace is a hometown favorite since he grew up in the St. Louis area. He also earned the reputation of being one of the greatest stock car drivers to ever strap on a helmet. During his NASCAR racing career, he won 55 races, including the NASCAR Winston Cup Championship. In 2013, Wallace was Read more [...]


5555 St. Louis Mills Mall
Hazelwood, 63042
(314) 227-5288

Hazelwood Sports Complex

4622 Aubuchon Rd
Hazelwood, MO
(314) 355-5363

Hazelwood Community Center

1186 Teson Rd
800 Howdershell
Hazelwood, 63042
(314) 731-0980


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