Overland Historical Society Log House

9711 Lackland Rd
Overland, 63114
(314) 428-3709

Overland Civic Center

9119 Lackland Rd
Overland, 63114
(314) 428-0490

Overland Farmers Market

Overland Market Center
2500 Block of Woodson Road
(314) 769-6360

Woodson Road Park

1655 Woodson Road
Overland, MO 63114
(314) 428-4321

The 6.5 acres includes a baseball diamond, a playground, 5 lighted tennis courts, football, soccer and picnic areas and restroom facilities.


Wild Acres Park

10400 Midland Blvd.
Overland, MO 63114
(314) 428-4321

The park includes a wilderness refuge, a 2.5 acre spring-fed lake, a walking trail, butterfly garden and a gazebo.

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